Essie Weingerten

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my career and where I want to go with it - seems like it has reached a plateau and it's time to shake it up a little. So when I come across stories of people who so naturally fell into the jobs they love - or created jobs AROUND the things they loved to do, it's very inspirational and makes me look harder at what it is I would really like to be doing. This morning I saw this post on Essie Weingarten on Into The Gloss, the name behind the nail polish line we all know and love, Essie. She grew up a huge tomboy whose favorite thing to do, ironically, was go to the beauty salon with her mom and get her nails done, and when she saw that there was such a void in that industry, she went for it and created her own line of products known for the fabulous colors and catchy names (I love when you have conversations with your girls friends that revolve around "Is that Blushing Bride? No, this is Pillow Talk and have you seen the new Pilates Hottie? And you all know exactly what the other is talking about). Essie's job clearly brings her much joy and makes you question, if you could drop what you are doing, what would be your dream career scenario? Or do you already live the dream? OR is you dream career to not have a career at all?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing towards the Essie write up. Great product. Dream career? Beauty editor sounds fun.