My Beauty Obessions

Some beauty products I am personally obsessed with that I thought were worth sharing. I am defintitely a product junkie, like lots of you, but as I get older, I have found the items that work for me and that I love and tend to stick with them. Hope you enjoy!

1. Love this EOS lip balm...feels good to hold in your hand and apply, makes your lips super soft and tingly and is quite easy to find in your purse.

2. Smashbox O Glow...This gel blush comes out clear and the theory is that it turns the perfect shade for you when applied to your cheeks...not sure about all the science behind that but I have used this for years since getting it as a sample. It is the perfect, been walking outside in the crisp fresh air and making out with my boyfriend glow, is super easy to apply, hard to mess it up and it lasts for a really long time since you only need a little bit.

3. This goes everywhere with me in my purse in the warm months. And the cold months. And all the months in between. A couple sprays of Caudalie Beauty Elixir before putting on your makeup or in the middle of the day when you feel a little's immediately cool and refreshing and you can practically feel your pores tightening and it smells bright and fresh and natural

4. My sister in law turned me on to Urban Decay's Half-Baked eye shadow. It's a bronzy/gold shade that has just the right amount of shimmer in it to work for both night and day. I love that it makes any eye color brighterand more intense and the quickest way to feel like you got a little done up without really doing anything at all.

5. This Mountain Ocean Skin Trip been a staple of my beauty routine since I was sixteen...soooo A LOT of years, ahem. It's super light, crazy moisturizing, made of natural ingredients and basically smells like heaven.  A gentle coconut scent that makes me close my eyes and sniff in deep every single time I apply it. I love it. It's such a part of me that I had an ex-boyfriend call me up years later to tell me that he had walked through a crowd and smelled that same mellow coconut scent and thought of me. I love the idea that you can be remembered that way. I also tend to slather it on my baby...hope he likes coconuts...

6. Speaking of signature scents, this is another product that has been a part of my life for years. Having never really been much a perfumy perfume person, something about the soft scent of baby powder calms me and I can't get enough. It's Bulgari Petit des Mamans - perfume for babies. I don't know who the hell is putting perfume on their babies but I buy this by the bucketful. My husband knows he can always make me happy by buying this as a gift because I am perpetually afraid of it being discontinued, cause seriously - perfume for babies? But for reals - heaven.

7. My best friends and I are OBSESSED with perfecting the cat eye and mastering liquid liner. I WANT to be the girl that rocks the fierce bold swipes of black but in reality I just wear a little line with just a teeny flick up at the ends. This Stila liquid eyeliner is perfect for the quick little swipe that you can literally just flick into a point at the end. It's easy for not so steady hands and for rookies in the eyeliner department - so perfect for me.

8. Just order this Swedish Dream Sea Salt soap online and am one hundred percent in love. It has a very clean fresh scent but the draw here is the little nuggets of sea salt hidden inside. They make for a very invigorating scrub down that will wake you up in the morning and make your skin sing. You feel super clean and glowing when you are done with this, I promise you.

9. This is a new one in my routine, the lady I see for facials gave me a sample bottle of Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser to take on vacation and I immediately went back to her and bought the real deal. First off it smells divine (mildly coconut, yes there is a theme here...) and it gets ALL the gunk off your face, is gentle on sensitive skin and makes your face feel so refreshed and clean. And the small size bottle is actually the perfect size to throw in your bag for days away from home.

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