Set - Spring and Winter

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this clothing line. If tomorrow morning I woke up and these collections were all that were in my closet I would be a VERY happy woman. This captures the way I love to dress in the winter...skinny skinny cords with soft layers, beautiful textured cardigans, a little bit of leopard and gorgeous blazers (that black and white tuxedo jacket - holy hot banana!). Not to mention great accessories of buckled beat up boots, giant scarves and fedoras. While we're at it, I'll take the perfectly messed up hair and creamy natural makeup too please. This is my new inspiration for the upcoming holidays and cold glad to have come across this here.

Top is the Spring lookbook found here and bottom is the Fall/Winter collection seen here.

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Lisa Griffin said...

I would love it in my closet as well! this is the kind of amazing styling that makes layers look so effortless!