Skinny Cords

Speaking of skinny cords...I dipped into the Gap the other day (for a place that I don't particularly think turns out great quality fashion anymore, I sure end up there a lot...maybe its all the sales) cause I walk past it to get to Madewell in the mall and ended up walking out with a perfect pair of skinny cords. Can't tell online if these are the exact ones but mine are a beautiful navy color, pretty dang tight, high enough cut that when you bend over the whole world doesn't know you intimately and they go with everything. I want to wear them everyday and am going back to buy in them in black - the almost look like velvet instead of corduroy. The bummer about the Gap is that usually things end up fitting oddly or stretching out or falling apart or going on sale right after you buy them. But so far, these are amazing pants and my new best friends.

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Les Arts Plastiques said...

Those are pretty hot, I need to lose a ton of weight before I invest in pants anytime soon though :(

Anyway, gap panties are the best! The only reason I go in!