Beads and Bracelets

I bet you would look at these and say to yourself  "I can make that"...and maybe you could. MAAAAYBE. But do you have the same fun sense of color? An eye for combining unusual shapes and textures? A talent for making bright and whimsical bracelets that make you smile everytime you look at them? Yeah, I didn't think so...but dullDiamond does...no mistaking that. And these lovelies are all sold at friendly prices making it easier to have them all to yourself...dibs!


Pyrola said...

Aw those are cute! Getting loads of inspiration to make some myself :)

Plami said...

Lovely <3



Katie I KCandCo said...

LOVE your blog! These are super cute!

Kelsey said...

Those aren't the friendly prices I had in mind.. i think i'm better off tryin to make my own. But yeah, they're cute!