Detroit - Hell Yeah.

A friend of mine works for Electric and he is always sporting the coolest sunglasses...recently I saw him at breakfast and he was wearing a pair that looked like a sturdier version of raybans (which i LOVE but they fall off my face!) that turned out to be from a limited edition collection. I tried them on and was obsessed with how SOLID they felt, how cool they looked and how they hugged my face so snuggly. Turns out this is the nicest friend EVER because he went back to work and discovered they were coming back out with them and snagged me a pair of the tortoise shell lovelies. There is something about the way they taper off at the sides that gives them just the right shade of pretty attitude. I am so in love with them it ALMOST makes up for the fact that my car pretty much broke down on the freeway this morning. My car may have almost been on fire but my shades sure were cool....

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Grace said...

Oooh, very pretty sunnies!

xx Grace