Holy Ruffles!

This Red Doll Winter 2011 collection by Tatyana Merenyuk is stunning. The pencil skirt combos are completely the opposite of how I dress but they are so so beautiful...something about the model and the mood make me think though, that the model could pull a whip out from under her skirt and smack the crap out of you. Slightly dangerous. But those dresses!!! Absolutely breathtaking. And can you imagine wearing that last concoction of never ending ruffles? I wouldn't be able to stop squealing and petting all the pouf...what a dreamy fantastical dress.


Grace said...

Awww, so cute!

xx Grace

NailPolishTime said...

I found your blog while blog surfing. It's so nice and simple. I love all of your inspirations. Those dresses are beautiful. Everything is so beautiful.


hello, Friday said...

The last dress reminds me of Carry's dress from the Sex and the City, Paris episode. Lovely! xoxo