As an very vocal fan of Swedish Hasbeens I am very excited to see the new colors/styles for Spring 2011. A rich green, dusty rose and subtle tan palette would look lovely in my closet...especially that strappy number in the middle. I have the top pair in Cognac and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Comfortable and girly and go with everything - dresses, bellbottoms, skinny jeans, tights...i can even ride my bike around town with them on which is hard to do with most girly me. I wish they were a little more affordable but if you shop around, there is always a sale SOMEWHERE on the internet. That's how i managed the first pair. I say first because I see a second in my near future...


Nomadic D. said...

that new rose color is goregous! I've been wanting a pair of these for years now and just never take the plunge. Highly worth it you say? If you run into an online sale will you please post it?

Michelle's Style File said...

Cute shoes indeed!