I am obsessed with converse...specifically black high tops and low canvas colored ones...but i have been feeling the need to mix in something else so I am venturing way far out of the comfort zone and going with...jack purcells. I have loved them since high school but never actually owned a pair (they always seemed a little too preppy?) - well times have changed and a white pair of size fours (converse runs so big!) are on their way. i know i feel better, don't you?

I was surprised to see all the different styles on the website - i was always under the impression that is was white, blue and black and that's all you get...

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Nomadic D. said...

You're right! I had no idea there were so many variations available! I do love the classic colors, but some of the new ones are great too... the orange and the dark olive espeically caught my eye. Enjoy your new Chuckies!