Party in Your Closet. Literally.

LOVE the idea of that tray for the bottles! - lonny magazine

Cool little beach house bar - Coco + Kelly
Bar in Your Closet - Eddie Ross

I am completely obsessed with the idea of having a little bar in my living room. Its not like we entertain all the time or even drink very often (complete lie) but the idea of it is so sophisticated and fabulous to me...right now we have our liquor stash on the top of the refrigerator (probably a very bad place to keep it) and our wine hanging out on the kitchen counter. To have it all tidy on a little table/tray/cart thing with some glasses and limes and games is so dreamy sounding. Considering we need to do things like tile and paint and carpet to make the house nicer it's low on the totem pole of needs but i think it might make me like the living room a little more...and we can't be in limbo till all the rest happens.

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