El Camino

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My friend Rae took me the other night to a mexican joint in san diego...she thought i would love El Camino and she was RIGHT. You are greeted by a giant hot pink neon sign and a hostess wearing a mini black dress with a hot pink apron. The whole place glows hot pink and black and white...every detail is thought out from the waitresses hot little outfits to the art on the tables to the wall designs to the plates they use and the little bag full of chicle they give you with the bill. Even the menu design was a twist on the usual...and the FOOD. I had sweet potato flautas and while they made me so full it hurt, they were AMAZING. who knew. and they give you all these different salsas and creams to dip your chips in, i could have spent hours there tasting everything. That and hanging out in the bathroom checking out the altar they have in there and looking at it all. I highly recommend if you are in the area.

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