I just cried watching this preview at work...if you were judging a movie based on who was in it, you may have doubts on this one: Mariah Carey (precisely my point), Mo'Nique, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Patton and an unkwon Gabby Sidibe. Huh? But the trailer made me pay attention and sniffle at my desk...see it for yourself here.

And here's a brief summary of the movie:

"The story centers around Claireece Precious Jones. She is 16 and pregnant for a 2nd time (by her father). She endures physical and mental abuse from her mother (played by Mo’Nique). We’re talkin’ serious soul-crushing abuse. Her illiteracy is another obstacle. Through it all, Precious dreams hard. Actually, I’d say the proper word is “fantasize”. And she usually does this during the toughest peak moments. Somehow, its the one device that pulls her together. Frankly, there’s not one flaw in this movie. It’s one of those perfect indie films. The kinda where you wouldn’t change a thing, or a song, or a casting. Each and every student in her new class is insanely well cast — from the Jamaican-accented chick to the fly funny girl who can’t take anything seriously. Throughout the film, we see Precious blossom slowly and move from depression and anger to love and light. The movie is transformative. Period." - Starworks

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