Olsen Interview

I am not ashamed to say it...olsens anonymous is a blog that i check on a regular basis...while they seem like tiny little munchkins, i am drawn to their style (just like half the women on the planet)...such a casual mix of chic and bohemian and crazy and colorful and eclectic and FUN. From the messy hair to the piles of jewelry to the amazing dresses, it's all so fun to look at and makes you want to have that sense of whimsy and unconscious type of dressing in your own life. There was an interview with them posted today that i watched during lunch...the reporter seems to have a good repore with them and it appears that they talk more than you usually hear them. You almost stop noticing that Mary Kate has bleached her eyebrows or that the reporter sounds like she has a 2 pack a day habit.

I bought their book Influence for a friend and it was such an insightful mix of designer interviews and photos and people...think i need to go pick one up myself. I always dream of having stacks of fashion/photo/art books to pore over whenever you need a jolt of inspiration. Right now the few i have are piled at work on my desk because i don't know where to put them yet.

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