Emerson Fry

The speed at which this clothing company, Emerson Fry, has grown is astounding. Formerly EmersonMade, the company is made up of a husband and wife team on the East Coast who began by making sweet wearable fabric flowers. You can see articles/interviews on them here, here and here. They were a huge success and they began to add more and more to the line and now it's a FULL ON clothing and accessory line. If you follow them at all, you will quickly become enamored of their lifestyle and their country home by the water - they run a certified organic working farm! And very seriously jealous. The clothing line looks exactly like all the photos of Emerson in clothes that she has collected over the years and she has such a specific and relevant point of view - I absolutely love her preppy with a sense of humor/edge style. The gold boots in the Fall 2012 collection make me drool all over myself and I am anxious to find out their price to see if they fit in the budget or not. The jackets and the heels are also swoon worthy and I am just so impressed with all they have put together in two years - such a young company and such a huge impressive line!


nicole said...

I love it all, especially those gold booties and that leopard coat. Rawr. xo.

mijbil said...

Hi there! I just got to your blog from Pinterest, and despite the fact I'm usually not so much into fashion blogs, I was really impressed by the way you mix outifit tips, design posts and random inspiration. :) Love this blog!
Big hugs from an Italian girl in Sweden!

Bethany said...

Oh, I love those boots!

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