Ira and Tavi

Talk about your odd couple. Tavi is the 16 year old creator of the online magazine Rookie and Ira Glass is the host of the amazing radio show This American Life. They became friends when Ira's wife became Rookie's story editor and Ira has become a mentor to Tavi...without pretending to understand at all the life of a 16 year old girl.

"I can only imagine how weird it would be for your wife to come home and say she's going to start working for a 15-year-old, then look up this kid online and see photos of what looks like an 80-year-old granny wearing bag-lady layers."

I love these two together and I love that there is a role model for young girls out there that embraces the weird, the wonderful and the intelligent.

"By the time Rookie launched last September, she was already famous, thanks to the personal blog she started at age 11. The fashion world was smitten with her oddball dressing and dyed-grey hair; here was a prepubescent wunderkind who looked a bit like Miss Havisham."

Learn more about Tavi then and who she is now (watch the videos) at 16. You should learn more about her because she is a badass. In the best way possible. Wish I had a little more of her confidence in owning your own style and voice when I was her age.

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