Rodin Travel Kit

Couldn't help it. I've been dying to try Linda Rodin's cult classic face oil but I can never manage to pony up the 150 bucks for it when I am not even sure it works for me. You hear so much about it's creation and it's luxurious effects that it makes me nuts not to be able to try it. So when the chance came to sample ALL her creations PLUS score a sleek hot pink travel bag at the same time, I didn't even hesitate. Right now there is a limited edition pack containing miniature face, body and hair oils, a vial of perfume and a packet of hand cream available for 60 bucks.  (It's out on the site but still available at Amazon...)Yes, it's probably still a lot of money but it's a lot more budget friendly and I get to satisfy my curiosity. It could be crap for my skin for all I know but the combination of the packaging, the purity of how it came together and how it seems to be an industry secret make me want to know all about it anyway....sucker.

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