Leilani Bishop

I was excited to see Leilani Bishop featured on The Glow today...she is a gorgeous model who, born and raised in Hawaii, has now created three fragrances based on her life there. They are single note scents - Lilac, Orange Blossom and Pikake, all very traditional Hawaiian flowers. I have been to Hawaii only a handful of times when I was little so I can't say I can identify with those particular scents but living in Southern California you definitely get to know the sexy lush smell of Jasmine on hot summer nights, I always breathe in extra deep when we pass some on our nightly walks. We recently tried to grow some next to our house because it is such a beautiful smell but the plants don't seem to like us very much...perhaps I will just have to buy a bottle from Leilani and carry the scent with me wherever I go. The bottles themselves are just as amazing - meant to evoke beautiful antiques, they are roller-ball bottles that makes the perfume easy to apply and always ready for travel. I am definitely intrigued, are you?

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Vogue Sky said...

Now, I am using this product. It is good for me.