Rag and Bone Shoes on Gilt

Saw these Rag and Bone flats on sale (but SOLD OUT aarrrgh) on Gilt this morning and fell a little in love. Most of my shoes are either high top converse or ankle boots but I do have a couple pairs of flats - I just like them to be distinctive and have some character, not just a plain slip on shoe. These definitely fall into that category...have a interesting look but are still simple enough to be really versatile and add the right amount of edge to an outfit.

Speaking of Gilt - are you a frequent shopper? I somehow can't manage to take my vitamins everyday and yet, like clockwork, I check into the website at 9 every morning when all the new sales go up (granted, I am already sitting in front of it so it's not like it a stretch...). It's literally a part of my morning routine like a cup of tea or brushing my teeth. I don't buy a ton of stuff but I HAVE to always check what's there just in case because there can be such great deals - the kids deals are the best on things like toys and blankets...and always deals on things like towels and couch pillows and I am pretty sure my sister in law has used it to find some good travel discounts!

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