Missing Friends

“Although I cannot see your face
As you flip these poems awhile,
Somewhere from some far-off place
I hear you laughing--and I smile.”
- Shel Silverstein

Are all your bestest friends close to you? A lot of my close friends and family live somewhere else and while I love where I live I find I am always missing them, sometimes terribly. This quote makes me laugh, because while my friends are far away, there is always something I come across on a daily basis - a pair of shoes, a video, a doodle on the sidewalk or a person in a window, a perfume smell or a nail polish color, a commercial on tv, a shirt someone walked by in or a song I heard - that makes me think of them. And I can picture their reaction or hear them laughing or I file it away to tell them about while I am so sad to not have my closest friends close, I am grateful to have them in my life and to have so much shared between us that they are always on my mind and keeping me company in one way or another.


Nomadic D. said...

Most of the people I love most in this world live far away from me, or rather, I live far away from them. And sometimes it can be so sad, what I wouldn't give to be able to just swing by and grab a cup of coffee and spent some time with them! But you're right in that the best way to think of it is just to be grateful that we have these people in our lives at all. Everyone should be so lucky.

vogue-sky said...

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