My Better Half

Amanda Jones (does ANYONE else immediately think of Some Kind of Wonderful when you see that name???) started a feature called My Better Half on her blog that I immediately became obsessed with. One of my biggest addictions is asking people how they met, I am 100% obsessed with the stories about how couples first connected and how they knew (or didn't at the time) that this was something special. It reveals so much about people and it's just amazing to me how some people just can't HELP but be drawn to the other and my favorites are the stories where they kept showing up in each others lives for whatever reasons by the most random of circumstances and it's like the universe was SERIOUSLY trying to get a message across. But really I like ALL the stories, because no two are alike and I would love to interview hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people and write a book because I could spend all day listening to the different ways our lives collide.

"I loved the way Nikaela read her books. She reads physically—creasing the spines, folding corners, underlining. In between the pages are ticket stubs and leaves and the odd smear of strawberry jam."

"When he asked me on a first date a couple months later, I marched around my living room to a lively John Phillip Sousa march in celebration. The next day he made me crepes and I married him 18 months later."

"When I walked in through the door of the cafe, all I could see was Elise, across the room, standing on a chair. Whatever happened beyond that night, to me now is a blur. She's all I can remember."

"We met the next day at church, and my family gave him a ride to his hitchhiking companions. We said a quick goodbye, and that night, I wrote in my journal about the mysterious hitchhiker I'd met."

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Steffy said...

This is so beautiful. I love the shots and totally agree with you on the stories. Love to read them and squeeze everytime :-DD