Love for the Neon

Got some neon fun at Madewell the other day...I LOVE the store but the price points are a little high for me to shop there on a regular basis. Although the boots I got there have been worth every penny and THEN some, I wear them almost every day. I have had my eye on this canvas bag with the hot pink handles for some time and then luckily it happened to be on sale the night I walked in. There was also a fun bowl of neon coated little metal rings which I have been wearing mixed in with my wedding rings. I love the pop of neon green/yellow and it's fun to change it up every now and again.

Photo from Instagram.


Nomadic D. said...

I love the idea of nestling a little pop of neon between precious wedding rings. I may take a page from your book and try this out myself!

Shubana Koss said...

Such a cute idea to mix it in with your wedding rings! I'm going to agree with Nomadic and say I'm going to give this a try myself :)

- Shubana
-- CoeurDecors

Steffy said...

Great idea with the neon pop! Love the funky and elegant together.

Shannon Rice said...

Love that ring! Totally going to buy one!