Read about Karmin in the recent Nylon Mag...I was honestly first intrigued by her photo because she had a cute pin up girl kinda thing happening and then reading the article on the engaged couple and it mentioned some odd covers they posted on youtube and HER RAPPING. Sorry, she just didn't look the type so I had to check it out. This Chris Brown (ew) cover is actually pretty crazy when you get to about 1:15 and she really starts rapping, she's good at it! I just wish she would lay off the facial's like she learned at music school (where they met) that these are the faces a SERIOUS singer would make because their voice IS their instrument. And I hate to say it but if I were the music execs thinking about signing first thought would be "lose the dude". Sorry dude.


nicole said...

I can rap like that... but I prefer to do it in the privacy of my own car. They're a little too gimmicky for me. xo.

Barret said... too. except for the part about actually being able to rap.

Nomadic D. said...

Um, wow, I actually loved this. And I'm mildly embarrassed about it.

Anonymous said...

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