Over Christmas vacation (too short!) I went to visit a new favorite store in Newport Beach - LMNOP. Super small knitting supply store also stocked with all kinds of handmade goods, housewares, candles, jewelry...all kinds of fun and beautiful things you never knew you needed. They were having an amazing sale and I walked away with a new favorite necklace - this little leather pouch by Heyoka. It's slightly different from the one online but made of the same buttery soft leather and just the perfect size to store some little charms and talismans inside it. I am also a little obsessed with the Ghost Beads they make - see for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

the ghost beads look great!

xx Nina

Imagine said...

I really like the unique look to these beads. Great find!

Olivia said...

Love the pouch!! WANT!! you find the coolest things!!