Christiane Lemieux of Dwell Studios

THIS is the kind of place I obsessed over having one day...super kid friendly but stylish and full of light and clean. It's a fine line between allowing your kids (and all their crap) to have full access to your place without it looking like a trampled toy store. Plus I have a thing for disco balls in odd settings and wide open spaces. It's also a nice read as a mom to gain some insight into the brain of a successful working mom who is juggling full time work and full time mom duty. See lots more photos and conversation over here on The Glow (my new mom obsession).


Anonymous said...

this looks so cool! i'm also already dreaming about my future loft/house whatever :D

xx Nina

bruna abecia said...

Olá! I´m from são paulo-brazil and found your blog on internet. I´m really enjoy it! Good ideas, different handmades and a fantastic house! I hope (when I get married ) that my principal room would be like this...