Laughing Out Loud

Obsessed with Kristin Wig from SNL and Bridesmaids...these skits from SNL made me laugh so hard this morning at work. The deal is that he is singing and she is trying to guess what words he will say...I had earphones on and pretty sure the whole office heard me snort with giggles. And check out what crazy famous couple came to help them out.

And yes, I do actually get some work done while at work.


Nomadic D. said...

Damn you hulu for not being international! I had to head over to youtube though, because my day's not going that great and I figured I could use a laugh. I'd never seen these guys before, they're HILARIOUS! Thanks so much, you totally cheered me up!

Connie. said...

Oh my gosh! I am dying right now! These are hysterical! The man-candy and I always say we should write our own Thanksgiving songs. I am thusly inspired ;-D

Anonymous said...

bahahhah thank you for this