Ankle boots are my true shoe obsession but really I love them all. So these photos of Rachel Zoe's office on The Coveteur made me want to scream out loud - there is a beautiful carpet of shoes in there. seriously. one beautiful pair of insane heels after another...but I have so many questions for the stylist. Like what sizes are they? What do you do with the ones that are out of season or no longer needed? Are they all on loan or are they your property? Do you try them all on when they come in? Do you ever steal a pair for your own personal collection? It would be like a girlfriend dream date come true to get to go in there with my two best girlfriends, a couple bottles of champagne and a camera to forever document  the crazy fun of getting to play dress up in all those pairs and clothes. Can you imagine?

On a side note, I was a little disappointed in the photos of her office. She has such fantastical stuff and a killer space and yet...it was a little undone. A little blah and not put together. Harumph.


BobbieAustin27 said...

shoes! : D
what can be better
the perfect accessory to any outfit!


Sleepy Darlings said...

How do you get to the shoes in the middle without messing up the rest of them?? Bring in the cherry picker...