Apartment Envy

Lately I have had serious interiors envy...of neighbors, of friends, of TONS of places I see in magazines and online. Our home is cozy and friendly but kiiiiiiinnnnnda looks like we are a couple right out of college and have no money. And with our college days long behind us I am so over it. Then chuck in some serious baby stuff (the stroller is usually parked in our living room) and you just have kind of a mess. And no time to clean it. But I am trying, little by little to make it a place that is functional for the beach (VERY sand and surf board friendly) and stylish and affordable. So when I see places like this apartment featured in the latest Rue Mag I get obsessed with hunting down some new items. There is a very whimsical zen feel to this place that I love. The bookshelf balanced on giant smooth pebbles is so simple and amazing and I keep staring at the packed jewelry box anchoring all the magazines in what I think is actually their bathroom. Maybe its just tackling one thing at a time...this spread has inspired me to work on the living room...wish me luck.


Grace said...

You're right, a lovely "whimsical zen" feel!

xx Grace

Nomadic D. said...

My god, these photos are amazing! Usually interior spreads don't have such an impact on me, but yes, major apartment envy! I feel like I could stare at these for a long time and keep discovering new details. Totally inspiring, thank you!