Streak of Summer

This is another fabulous hair do tutorial at A Cup of Jo but it's not the style that got me, it was the bleached streak under the models hair that I fell in love with. I have only tried putting color in my hair once with a home highlighting kit about a billion years ago and it was AWFUL, I don't want to even think about it. These days, my light brown hair gets fun bleachy highlights in the sun and since we are at the beach it goes crazy and I love the way it turns out when I spend a lot of time in the I have been adament about never touching my hair but I think this is something I will have to try, I mean it's UNDER the hair so who cares. My friend Rae who has beautiful chestnut hair did a similar touch by bleaching several small streaks under her hair and in random sections - I loved it so much but have been chicken to attempt anything similar. This has changed my the question is, do I have the balls to do it myself or do I leave this up to a professional?


Nomadic D. said...

I love it too. I once even had hidden streaks of fuchsia in my hair! Though that may be a bit too adventurous now, I think blonde is a great way to go. I say have it done professionally though, how much can one streak cost you? Might as well have someone who knows what they're doing at it.

Windsor Andersen said...

Hey, I love this updo and the streak as well. I am always looking for a way to mix up my classic pony tail at work and this is it!


shu84 said...

very nice