Skinny With A Side of Tight

Since having a baby I have been obsessed with skinny SKINNY denim, tighter than I have ever rocked before. I think because my tops have gotten baggier and to over compensate for feeling not as skinny on top. Whatever the reason, my favorites so far are Hurley skinny jeans and denim leggings. They are tight but have enough sag to them so as not to look like sausage casings, they hit just right in the waist (not so low your butt crack shows and not so high that they feel awkward) and they come in a great variety of colors. Be warned, the black pair comes with little rips and tears at the knees, but I think it only adds to the fun factor, that and the price point is perfect for splurging on more than one pair.


Grace said...

the light colored ones are so perfect for a less-than-warm summer day :)

xo Grace

Windsor Andersen said...

love the pink ones. I 've been looking for red and colbolt blue