Hard to tell but there are feathers in friend owns a salon and on a whim bought a kit of colored feathers thinking no one would really be interested and she was cleaned out in a matter of days. Mostly by the young girls in my neighborhood but whatever, I don't mind sharing a style with some 12 yr olds. I've got two grayish ones in there with a little blue one mixed in...I was after some hot pink but the girls beat me to it. Now my friend is stocking up for summer and I can't wait to mix in some new colors! It's the perfect bohemian beachy accessory.

(playing with the hipstamic app on the iphone...can you tell?)


Erica said...

ohhhh, i've been wanting to get these and you've inspired me to just do it. ;)

Nomadic D. said...

I wrote about these back in april:

And STILL haven't managed to find a salon that does it here in Madrid. Just saw that Sephora sells do-it-yourself feather kits, so maybe when I head back stateside this summer I'll get some of those. Would love to see a better photo of yours and see how it actually turned out!