Today I Love

These two outfits - both because they are badass in their different respects. Alexa Chung's because she just looks so freaking fresh and confident and comfortable...I love the sweetness of the dress against the black tights and her light easy makeup and hair. And Rosie because - well look at her. All tight leather and attitude but mostly i love it because she has the Isabel Marant boots that I can't stop obsessing over in a very serious way. I keep hoping SOMEONE will put out a decent boot that replicates the same sort of feel without breaking the bank (and I will admit to having bought a pair that ALMOST makes me happy but is not QUITE there) but so far I will have to be content with just staring at people online sporting my boots. A new friend of mine has almost an exact pair and of course I attacked her and asked where they came from...supposedly if I travel to Bali there is a man there who can make the exact pair for like 40 bucks - well that did me NO good. And made me a little jealous - because she had the boots AND got to go to Bali...

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