Into The Gloss

I am that person that is tempted to look in your medicine it figures that I am completely obsessed with Into The Gloss. It's an intimate look into fashion industry folks beauty routines and comes with photos of their stashes. SO MUCH PRODUCT! I am a complete product whore and always looking for a semi-organized way to have it out because I also just like LOOKING at it, is that weird? That time of morning where I am applying all my creams and serums and makeup is one of my favorite quiet moments and makes me glad I am a girl. It makes me happy to see bottles of pretty creams and perfumes and make-up. So it's fun to see how these women display their loot (trays are very popular) and I like to see what items they all have in common like Chanel, Diptyque candles (I'll admit, I went and bought one after this and i LOVE it) and my absolute favorite - Skin Trip lotion.

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