Rick Owens and Michele Lamy

Saw these mysterious photos on Jak and Jill this afternoon and was immediately intrigued. Must be some big personality if even a photo of their hands has you wanting to know more. Turns out it's Michele Lamy who is the girlfriend of the designer Rick Owens and a famous restaurateur. I immediately searched up more info on them and have decided them to be the most bizarre and eccentric and interesting people i have read about in a while!

Five Minutes with Michele Lamy
"Yes—Helene came to L.A. and she was the emcee at the party, wearing one of the first Rick Owens dresses. Then she came on stage dressed in only a girdle and tights, carrying a whip. And she started singing “My Bruises are My Emeralds,” while whipping herself so much that she bled! And I sang “King Kong Blues.” It was fabulous."

Interview with Rick Owens
"I'm minimal and straightforward. When I explain it to people, I compare a William-Adolphe Bouguereau painting with a Brancusi sculpture. I'm the Brancusi sculpture, just a slab of metal on a hunk of wood, but it's about the right piece of metal and the perfect gesture."

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