Isabel Marant

I am obsessed with Marant's clothes and boots, i LOVE them...but then you read crap like this and you just can't look at the stuff in the same way. what an ass to say such things.

"I'm quite anti-consumerist; It's difficult for me being a designer in an industry I don't like. When I design a collection I find myself thinking, 'Why do we need new clothes?' I never think about the fashion people . . . They are not my concern." She's also not feeling the "sexy" moment like most of the rest of fashion: "Big breasts and lips. No! I hate those girls. I hate famous women. My ideal woman is Serge Gainsbourg. Not that he was a woman."

If it's SO difficult and you don't think we need new clothes then WHY are you even participating in fashion and contributing to the industry?

From Fashionologie

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you miss the point...