Madonna's Truth or Dare

I have this taped at home and love watching the concert scenes...I never got to go to one but she was IT for me when i was little. This 199o documentary that follows her on her Blond Ambition tour captures her in black and white doing everything from hanging out with her dancers (oh my queens!) to fighting with her brother, to laying on her mothers grave and reflecting on her life to dancing in nightclubs and flirting with other celebrities. In full color are the concert scenes which had me on my feet dancing in my living room singing along to all of it. You see a short glimpse of what its like to be THAT huge and a long look at just how cool she really was. There are some shots of her with that platinum hair, in chanel and round sunglasses that could be right off the runway of designers today. Makes you feel that lady gaga saw this all and took notes...

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