Weekends were Made for Fun

I thought it would be so fun to take pictures from my bike since we ride EVERYWHERE we go on the weekends...what i realized is that everything looks identical from the bikes point of view no matter where we go. Literally i could take different photos from every weekend while on the bike and they would all look like these. Just with slightly different destinations.

The above two shots are from Valentines Day riding home from brunch...a typical shot of Ashley, always in front of me. if i go faster its like a guy thing, he has to get out in front.

These are down the boardwalk two weekends ago to meet brooke and brian. i am thankful everyday that the sand is always right by our toes and that this is our weekend commute. i may be a city girl at heart but i LOVE the beach.
Nothing grosses me out more than chicken wings on bones (well, maybe when people little ped socks stick out of their shoes...) and my husband LOVES them. He ate this ENTIRE plate while i looked in the other direction and ignored the slurpy chewing noises.

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ibestace said...

ummm...are you wearing the miraculous bra??!! ha!