Old School Sneakers

I am obsessed with Francesco Cominelli featured on Jak & Jil blog...no idea who this fella is but his taste is just insane...i want to be invited into his house and open all his closets and drawers and just LOOK at everything he owns and how he puts it all together. I also developed a slight crush on his vintage american eagle sneakers (and hello, how fun are those converse!) and went in search of my own. OF COURSE you don't find them anywhere but when i went to see what AE in general had to offer i came across these comfy lovelies. For thirty bucks...hi friends.

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Christina said...

Hi! Fun blog! I just wanted to let you and whoever was possibly searching for information about the American Eagle Outfitter sneakers that you posted a picture of--I bought those shoes recently in that exact color and found them to be uncomfortable if you walk in them for more than 1 hour? I think Converse low-cut sneakers are way more comfortable. The AE sneakers are cute in picture, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase them even if they are on the inexpensive side. Also the tongue of the shoe (the part underneath the laces) is unusually long for some reason. Doesn't look like that in the picture, but I personally found it to be too long. Also they are really flat and the arch of the shoe is placed in a weird position. It just doesn't feel comfortable after you've been walking in them for a long time.