LOVE when that happens

Looking at the LNA website i became OBSESSED with the look of these buckle boots...slouchy worn in and beat up and great with skirts. then i realized that i have those exact a little lighter of suede and not as worn in so i couldn't tell at first. but it made me fall in love with them all over again and realize they are only going to get better with age. i LOVE when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Where are these boots from? I've been looking for a pair like this FOREVER and cannot find them anywhere!

Barret said...

Mine are Steve Madden, which I THINK are what the ones in the photo, although the ones from the photo appear much darker. Fiorentini + Baker also makes a pair but they are verrrry expensive. They are the best beat up slouchy boots and I am still madly in love with them!