Ankle Socks Are The New Tights

Obsessed with ankle socks and strappy shoes. This style has trickled in slowly into editorials and jcrew catalogs and while i think it slightly nerdy-weird, that's also the very thing that makes me like it...i threw out the challenge to my friend Stacie to sport the look out somewheres (ahem) and am just waiting for the photo...myself i am looking for the perfect pair of socks to wed to a chunky pair of heeled sandals i have to mimic the style in that bottom photo. i am already anticipating the snickering from coworkers but thats whats fun about being able to wear whatever you want to work, you can try out wacky things and who cares!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry if someone makes fun of you. Just remember that they are just envious of your style. Yes, ankle socks are really cute, just make sure that they are thin so that you keep the shape of your ankles. I find that ones with little fold down cuffs work best for me and I love a sharp contrast of color, especially pure white anklets with black shoes.