Is That A Pineapple?

Hello Judith Leiber...i cannot make up my mind about your sparkle encrusted little clutches. I have heard your name before but did not know that you were the one behind those creations until one of the earlier sex and the city episodes when big and carrie are first dating and he gives her one shaped like a swan (i think) and they go to snotty party and all the snotty women carrie loathes are holding similar purses. then you appeared again in the big SATC movie through a cupcake shaped purse...your designs are all at once whimsical and obnoxious, delighful and ridiculous. But despite that some of them are so insane, some of them are also quite lovely BECAUSE of their bizarroness. I am quite fond of the camel and the set of books myself. I just think you have areally good thing going lady, if you can get people to pay 6 THOUSAND DOLLARS for a purse shaped like a stalk of asparagus covered in crystals. well done.

A few facts about Judith - she was the first woman to join the handbag-makers guild in Budapest and she escaped the holocaust because her father was able to obtain a swiss document that gave the bearer safe passage out. This pass is now shown in the holocaust museum in ny.

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