Why is That Your Name?

Hello Binki intrigue me very much...i heard about your band Little Joy awhile ago but had forgotten all about it until i saw your photo recently and i went searching you out again. i promise i am not stalking you, it's just that i love the way you sing and that you are dating Fab from The Strokes which is only my most favorite band and the only one that i have followed around different cities to see. You sing so magnificently...i am envious of the sound of your voice. I can barely hum without making people flinch. I wish we were friends so we could drink red wine late at night with all our other friends and jam out in the living room and sing and dance and celebrate the night. I found this brief article about you and probably would have looked harder but then i remembered that i am at work...sigh.

Here is the song that Fab wrote for you that is mentioned in the article about you. It is undeniably beautiful and i would melt if someone wrote me something like that.

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