Stand and Deliver Guest Spots

I think gwen stefani is pretty much amazing. i have not seen no doubt in person but she always seem to have the craziest energy and costumes and i am sure it would be an incredible performance (i had the chance to go with some 10 yr old girls but i got booted so another one of their girlfriends could go...whatever. stupid kids) much fun to see live bands. ANYWAY i read that she performed Stand and Deliver with Shirley Manson and the Sounds in San Diego so i looked up the show on youtube. Then i saw that she performs it with other singers as well on different nights...when you click through tape after tape (whoa, tape? oops) of her shows its crazy to see her do the same thing in the same outfit with different guests. And that was only for a handful of so cal shows, can you imagine doing something like that with the same energy over and over and over again - for years? and like EXACTLY the same thing, watch a couple in a row...kind of funny after a bit. makes being a rock star look simultaneously awesome and super exhausting. i'll settle for doing a guest appearance. and her jeans.

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