The September Issue

Watched the movie last night with my neighbor (she had a bootleg copy so we could make loud commentary while laying on her couch, much more fun) and enjoyed the backstage look at the Vogue offices but was a little disappointed that nothing much really was shocking or new. I probably spend waaaaaaaaaay more time than the average person poking around the internet and reading stories about fashion and checking all the photos and models and clothes out so it wasn't like discovering all these new insights about Anna Wintour and Vogue but it was still neat to see all that goes into making an issue, especially the largest one of the year. Poor sienna miller, she gets pretty much ripped to shreds (lackluster hair, too teethy, oh the neck!) by the team. Anna never reveals much about herself, she is exactly how you picture she would be. I thought the most interesting part though is when she talks about her 2 brothers and sister...they are all successful in their own, more serious, rights and you get the sense that they don't take her seriously at all. she got very quiet and blushed when thinking of them and it was the closest you got to any sort of feeling or emotion from her. Grace is a sweet little troll like (meant in the nicest way possible) creature who clomps around the office griping about anna removing her work and while she make look frumpy, she creates the most beautiful dreamy and imaginative editorials...she is very much the passionate artist. and while they grumble at each other through the whole movie, you can tell they greatly respect each other and think the other a genius. they were also GREAT great beauties when they were young - wow. Anna's photos are amazing. What is also amazing is the fact that her father told her when she was young that she was going to be the editor of vogue, that that would be her goal. check.

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