Dual Colored Hair

Having chopped off my hair on a whim and then getting two fix it so i can stand it cuts and STILL absolutely hating it, i realized SOMETHING good came out of the whole thing. i realized that its just friggin hair...and it grows back. i am sad to wear a dinky ponytail and bobbypins everyday but the importance of hair is a little less now. i have never really dyed my hair (save for one awful front highlight home job 10 years ago) and never really done anything drastic with it. not that i am running to go bleach it or dye it black but i think it would be fun to play with it. Out of the sun my hair is a pretty dark reddish brown these days and i am excited for winter so that i can be dark again...i came across this photo (don't know who she is) and am attracted to her dual colored hair. its like she lightened it and then let it grow out...i am sure it helps that it glossy and lovely hair but its interesting. i like it.


Sam said...

I have seen that before - I think they highlight the bottom layers so you have less up-keep!

It looks super cool!


liza said...

That's Lily Aldridge, she's a model and the girlfriend of Caleb Followill, the lead singer of Kings of Leon. I saw her at the Byron & Tracy salon in BH this summer getting those highlights.