THE bag in 1987

When i was in seventh grade in the midwest, the bag that this girl has in the photo was the THE bag you had to have. Instead of a backpack (which was only to go on one shoulder for whatever reason) all the 8th grade girls were using this woven bag with leather straps. I remember needing one so so DESPERATELY and since Tyra Gustavson and her friends had this bag i HAD to have it. (The same way i HAD to have gray reebok hightops and i HAD to have the guess acidwash jeans with the bows above the zippers) My mom had a similar one that i tried on for hours and then felt so so cool to use one day at school - after all that it turns out that we carried around too many books for that bag and it was a pain in the ass to tote around and hurt your shoulder. But seeing it again, all the yearning comes right back - i want that BAG!

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ibestace said...

before i even read the post i was transported back to 7th/8th grade. too too funny. mine was a shade of greens, blues and purples and just like you i had WAY to many books to make this a pleasent experience. love that its back and that there are 7th graders (and adults) yearning for it all over again.