A Pleasant Surprise

i had to find a nice gold heel to wear for a wedding this weekend - thought this would be easy as hell since i LOVE gold shoes and its summer so they would be everywhere. WRONG wrong wrong. I went through every store, online and off, and was getting to the point where i was thinking it would be fine to spraypaint an old silver pair gold. THEN as fate would have it i ended up in a nine west store (NOT a fan) and found the perfect pair. They were gold, covered the toes to a degree i could handle, made me taller and were cheap. In the box they looked heinous, in the store, they looked just alright but would do. strange thing is when i got them home and tried them on with the bridesmaids dress - they were PERFECT. i don't get how that happened but i am sure happy it did! how embarrasing to have your shoes flake gold paint off while walking down the aisle...

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