Speaking of Fresh

This is by far one of my favorite indulgences - buying lotions and potions from Fresh. The store in South Coast has the most knowledgable (well most of them) saleswomen who seem to really use the products and know them intimately which is part of the allure - it doesn' t hurt that they are all pretty with porcelin skin. While i think the prices can be a bit rough, i love the use of natural products and having been a loyal customer, i can vouch for how well everything seems to work. Last night i got samples of the Black Tea instant perfecting mask that is supposed to be extra hydrating and the Mamaku Night Serum for regenerating skin while you are sleeping. The mask was perfection...i left it on for 15 minutes and then rinsed and used the night serum. When i woke up this morning my skin was crazy hydrated (the pillow wrinkles didn't even show up) and felt like silk - i was incredibly impressed. Now i just wish they gave bigger samples!

I also have a huge crush on the Milk Milk Lotion (yes, there are two milks)...i hadn't had it in awhile and when i put it on last night it was like reuniting with a long lost and much missed friend, i literally sighed while applying it. It's the baby soft clean scent i like perfected. I would buy it in jugs if they sold it that way. That and the Sugar lip good on the lips...

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handmade romance said...

I'm new to Fresh but totally agree. On a recent trip os I bought the sugar lip treatment (was all I could afford at the time)and now I'm totally addicted!! The price is less harsh when the products are so good and worth it!