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the bleach in the Bleach and Black blog posted an item about a good way to get messy sloppy curls - i too hate when hair is perfect and shiny (although it's fun to touch alot when it is) and strive to make mine as messy and kinky as possible. this results in lots of days of unbrushed hair which looks great but not so fun when your boyfriend tries to run his fingers through your hair.

These are her directions for the right look using Aveda Flax Seed Aloe. (important to write things down before you wander into the store...which i did last night and couldn't figure out what i was looking for...) "Wash and dry hair at night. Put in a braid and sleep on it. Un-do the braid in the morning, your hair should have a bit more texture this way. Then take large chunks (2 on each side of your head) and work Aveda Flax seed Aloe into it. While it’s still wet, twist the hair and put a blow dryer to it for a minute. When it’s done drying, separate it a bit. Quick + Sexy mess."

Done and done. going to test this out this week...

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Tessa said...

can you please do a step by step photo essay of this process?