Kat MacLeod is Mindblowing

Her works have been in tons of magazines and websites (although i was reminded of her again today through Oh Joy!) and she blows my mind every single time i lay eyes on her designs. Her job seems awful dreamy to me - to bring to life fantastical women and doodles and to freelance for products and fashion mags. I envision myself wearing a lab coat (have always wanted one as a paint smock) covered with vibrant colors, paint in my hair and coating my hands, hunched over a drafting table covered with bits and pieces of photos and inspirational doodles and listening to an old stereo while churning out the most wonderful colorful women. MAN do i really want to be doing that right now! ANYWAY, back to Kat, she has a lovely sense of the world and her bold and feminine pieces are so beautiful and textured and inspirational.

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