My Vibe My Life

Every once in a while when I need some refreshing (and totally off the wall) design inspiration, I check out Kelly Wearstler's blog My Vibe My Life. I love her flair for the bold, the bright and the unexpected pieces and the way she weaves a lot of her own sketches and paintings into her interiors - and now her clothing line. There is one post on her warehouse (yes...WAREHOUSE) of archived furniture and objects that she has been collecting over the years. Can you imagine just getting to stroll through that place to see all the amazing items in person. She is definitely someone you seem to either love or hate...not a lot of in between with her because of her in your face approach. I love it...BUT I also couldn't live in's a little too much for me. But she never fails to give me some idea of color or pattern combinations or direction that I wouldn't have thought of before.


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